Residential Life & Housing at VCU will be a premier urban, public on-campus community providing a one-of-a-kind residential experience.  



Residential Life & Housing at VCU provides safe, inclusive, and well-maintained facilities where we build intentional communities to empower residents in their academic excellence, citizenship and personal growth.



Guiding this mission is a set of departmental values, which complement the core values of the institution:

We value the exchange of ideas and solutions through internal and external partnerships. This value is exemplified through the enhancement of the residential experience through training, community building, policy development, and integration of services.

Inclusion & Diversity
We value celebration, exploration, and understanding among people, ideas, and culture. This value is exemplified through creation of a safe environment for all students to explore identities of self and others; and promoting a life-long commitment to successful living in a global community; and ensuring that policies, programs, and services are inclusive and reflect the diversity of our community.

Resident Centered
We value and recognize that our residents are at the core of our mission and practices. This value is exemplified in our commitment to encouraging and promoting the student voice and providing opportunities for comprehensive student learning, student development, and student leadership.

We value academic and personal success for all students. This value is exemplified through our emphasis on engagement and education outside the classroom and ensuring a dynamic residential setting where discovery, innovation, challenge and support, and respectful discourse are paramount to the on-campus experience of the student.

We value the individual and collective pursuit of exceptional practice in our work and relationships. This value is exemplified through high expectations of our staff and students in the residential community. Staff and students are continually seeking ways to contribute to the future of the department, division, institution, and profession.


Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We, as individuals and as a collective, are committed to building communities that are welcoming for all cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. We create exceptional residential learning communities that value all of our members regardless of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), political affiliation, veteran status, family medical and genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or disability. These communities provide a safe space for students and staff to explore their multi-layered identities while learning and growing with others.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion in tangible ways, including:

  • Training professional and student staff in areas of multicultural competence during fall, winter, and spring trainings and ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Offering gender-unrestricted housing through the Open Housing program
  • Creating and maintaining freshmen living learning programs focused on inclusion and social justice with the Lavender House and Mosaic Community
  • Implementing programs that promote social justice, the exploration of culture, personal growth, and community development
  • Mediating conflict between students in shared living spaces
  • Collaborating with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and other campus and community partners to further promote understanding, learning, growth, and celebration such as: Social Justice Student Conference, Tunnel of Oppression, Lavender Empowerment Summit, and Hump Day Dialogues on Tour
  • Engaging students in challenging and purposeful dialogues about diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Developing and maintaining facilities that are accessible for all members of our community
  • Encouraging students to explore identities outside of their comfort zones
  • Creating intentional opportunities through the RA position, Community Councils, RHA, and NRHH for student leadership and peer education