Prospective Students

What To Bring
  • Alarm clock and desk lamp
  • Pillows, Blankets and bed linens for an extra-long twin bed (Ackell & Broad & Belvidere residents should bring bedding for a full bed)
  • Bath linens, toiletries, shower caddy and shower shoes
  • Your favorite fish, in a 10 gallon or smaller tank
  • Flashlight
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Surge protectors with on/off buttons
  • Microwave, mini fridge, TV with QAM tuner, gaming systems (check with your roommate so you only bring one of each!)
  • Plants, posters, wastebasket, mirror (except Johnson Hall)
  • Non-flammable curtains

Students living in suite-style residence halls should also bring toilet paper, toilet plunger, and bathroom cleaning supplies.
Students living in apartment-style residence halls should also bring dishes, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, toilet paper, shower curtain, toilet plunger and kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies.
We recommend that students contact their future roommate(s) about possible duplication of items prior to arrival on campus. Only one microwave and mini fridge is allowed per bedroom.

What Not To Bring
  • Additional furniture – wait until you have seen your room and how much space you have before bringing an extra chair. All VCU-provided furniture must remain in its assigned room. Non-VCU mattresses are not permitted without permission from Disability Support Services.
  • Loft materials (construction of loft beds is prohibited) or cinder blocks to raise beds (only designated bed risers are permitted)
  • Personal air-conditioners or space heaters
  • Landline telephones (courtesy phones are located in each building)
  • Pets that are not fish
  • Extension cords and items that require a flame to operate or that produce heat, such as candles (including decorative), incense and incense burners, plug-in air fresheners, grills, lanterns and halogen lights (a full list of prohibited fire/safety items can be found in our policy manual (insert link to policy manual)
  • Illegal drugs, fireworks, chemicals, firearms and weapons of any kind. Students are expected to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Are Phone Lines Provided In The Residence Halls?

Landline telephone connections are no longer provided in students' rooms within the VCU residence halls. Students therefore should not bring their own landline telephone. However, "courtesy" landline phones will be available throughout each hall. If a student wishes to use a courtesy phone for a long-distance call, he or she will need to provide their own calling card.

What’s The Deal With Wireless Printers?

VCU has an extensive wireless network that uses particular frequencies and channels to function. Unfortunately, most wireless printers broadcast the same frequencies and channels, and disrupt our signal when their wireless function is turned on. If you have a printer that has wireless capabilities, please turn the printer's WiFi off before bringing it to campus. Wireless printers, when the wifi is enabled, will cause mobile devices such as your laptop and cellphone to disconnect from VCU's wireless network. The printer's signal can also travel through floors and walls and cause your neighbors' devices to lose their wireless connections as well. If you are not sure how to turn off your printer's wireless signal, please call ResNet Student Support for assistance at (804) 828-8943.

How Much Does Laundry Cost?

Washing machines and dryers are located within each apartment in Ackell Residence Center, Broad & Belvidere Apartments, Cary & Belvidere Apartments, Grace & Broad Residence Center, West Grace North Student Housing, and West Grace South Student Housing. All other residence halls have laundry rooms within each building for residents to utilize for their laundry needs, at no cost to them. Each laundry machine is operated with a swipe of the VCUCard, which Residential Life & Housing loads with money at the beginning of each semester, and is reloaded as it is depleted. 

Is Smoking Allowed In The Residence Halls?

All VCU residence halls became smoke-free effective August 1, 2010. No smoking is permitted within residence hall living spaces, common areas, hallways, stairwells, outdoor walkways, balconies, courtyards, or within 25 feet of all residence hall entrances. Smoking is also prohibited on the Rhoads/Brandt patio.

How Can I Be More Sustainable As I Prepare To Come To Campus?
  • Put CFL or LED light bulbs into desk, table, and floor lamps. One CFL or LED bulb should be able to last you throughout your college career, provided you turn it off when you leave the room.
  • Pack as much as possible into suitcases when you’re packing for your new hall, instead of using plastic bags or cardboard boxes. When you’re done unpacking, send all suitcases back home with Mom & Dad, with the exception of one suitcase for your trips home.
  • Ask for used cardboard boxes at your area grocery store, Instead of purchasing new.
  • Check out area thrift stores for décor for your new room, like lamps, posters, picture frames, throw pillows, or even rugs.
  • Check with roommates before buying appliances and electronics so you don’t purchase multiples, and consider renting your microfridge from Melvin Corporation, instead of purchasing appliances you won’t need after move out.
  • Borrow a vacuum cleaner from the Housing office in your hall, instead of purchasing your own.