12-month Building Move-out

12-month contracts in Broad & Belvidere, Ackell, Grace & Broad, West Grace North and West Grace South will officially end July 15 at 10:00am, which means residents must make travel arrangements to ensure they are checked out of the building by this time. We are asking all 12-month residents to fill out the Move Out Form to assist us in planning student transitions over the summer.

Checking out of your space

All residents who are moving out will need to sign-up with a RA for a checkout time. RAs will be checking for the following things:

  • Removal of trash
  • Removal all personal items from the room and common areas, such as bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • Clean all areas of the unit including living space such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room area
  • Close the blinds and windows 

If a resident does not checkout of their space or does not complete the items above a fine(s) will be billed to their student accounts. Type of fines:

  • Excessive housing keeping charge: $50.00 per space
  • Packing of left behind items: $75.00 per hour
  • Rekey room: $65.00
  • Mail box key: $20

If you are living in the same room next year

If you are living in the same room next fall, you do not have to move out. However, you will need to keep the common spaces clean, so the housekeeping staff can clean the apartment. If you plan on leaving for the summer, please make sure you clean your space and remove all of your items from the common area, so the entire apartment can be cleaned.

If you are living in a double room: Please keep your belongings on your side of the room. All items will need to be picked up off the floor so it can be stripped and waxed. We expect students to move into their new spaces all summer, and you may be billed if the room is not able to be cleaned appropriately.

Moving to a new space on campus

If you are moving to a new space for the Fall, be prepared to move to your new space prior to July 15th. As your new space becomes vacant and clean, your Hall Director or Hall Staff will contact you. They will outline for you when you will need to move and the steps you need to take for a successful transition. In the event your space is not ready by July 15 or you are not returning to campus in the fall, please fill out the Moving Out Form to give Housing an idea of when you plan to be out of your current room; it will help to make your transition smoother. 

Need Transition Housing and/or storage

Residential Life and Housing will be offering Transition Housing for those students whose new spaces are unavailable by July 15th. This option is only available for those students returning to the residence halls in the fall and is free of charge.

If you do not need transition housing, but need to store your items for the summer, please email your Hall Director with the exact dates you will need storage for the summer. Storage is only available for those students returning to the residence halls in the fall and is free of charge. Storage is available from May 13th to August 7th.