9-month Summer Move-out

9-month contracts Ackell, Brandt, Cabaniss, Cary & Belvidere, Grace & Broad, Gladding Residence Center, The Honors College, Johnson, Rhoads and West Grace South will officially end May 13 at 10:00am, however residents are required to leave within 24 hours after their final exam. Which means students should make travel arrangements to ensure they are checked out of the building by this time. To get specific details on your building/floor move-out, be sure to attend your floor move-out meeting.

How to checkout of your space
Residents will sign-up for a checkout time 48 hours before their departure by filling out the sign-up sheet posted on their RA’s door. RAs will be checking for the following things:

  • All personal belongings are removed from the room
  • All trash has been removed and placed in trash rooms
  • All original furniture is accounted for and in good condition 
  • General cleanliness of the room and any damages that might have occurred

If damages have occurred in the room, the residents will be charged to have the damages repaired. If one roommate does not take responsibility for damages during checkout, both/all roommates student accounts will be charged. The following are things that residents could be charged for, but not limited to:

  • Excessive housing keeping charge: $50.00 per space
  • Packing of left behind items: $75.00 per hour
  • Rekey room key: $65.00
  • Rekey mail box key: $20

Damage to furniture, walls, floors, lights, windows, etc.

* Remember you must checkout with your RA before leaving for Summer Break. *