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Returning Student Housing Process

Housing Lottery Times

Rising Sophomores Lottery

Wednesday, March 15
Noon: 1-60
12:30 pm: 61-120
1:00 pm: 121-180
1:30 pm: 241-300
2:00 pm: 301-360
2:30 pm: 361-420
3:00 pm: 421-480
3:30 pm: 481-540
4:30 pm: 541-600
5:00 pm: 601-660
5:30 pm: 661-720
6:00 pm: 721-780

Thursday, March 16
Noon: 781-840
12:30 pm: 841-900
1:00 pm: 901-960
1:30 pm: 961-1020
2:00 pm: 1021-1080
2:30 pm: 1081-1140
3:00 pm: 1141-1148

Rising Junior and Senior Lottery

Friday, March 17
Noon: 1149-1209
12:30 pm: 1210-1260
1:00 pm: 1261-1320
1:30 pm: 1321-1380
2:00 pm: 1381-1440
2:30 pm: 1441-1500
3:00 pm: 1501-1560

For more information on the upperclassmen application process, visit our Live the Ram Life booklet. For more information related to the Housing Lottery visit, Lottery FAQs

Returning Student Housing Process FAQs

Why should I continue to live on campus?
On-campus living provides great opportunities for upperclassmen. Students have the convenience of apartment style living with the same social and academic advantages of hall life. Each upperclassmen hall has 24-hour security, around the clock maintenance, group lounges for study, and a team of hall staff dedicated to providing a positive experience.

How do I apply to live on campus?
Returning students must complete a 2017—18 Housing Application between 1/20/17 — 2/10/17. Visit the Housing Application located in the navigation bar to apply. The deadline for returning students to be eligible for on-campus housing is noon on 2/10/17.

When do I have to sign my housing contract?
When you apply for housing online, you will sign your contract at the end of the application process, which means you will sign your contract prior to picking a room. Instead of signing a contract for a specific room, you will sign a general contract when you apply.

Am I required to have a meal plan?
Meal plans are not required for students living in upperclassmen halls.

Can I live on campus for just the fall semester?
Very few specific situations exist where students may be released from their contracts. For information, please refer to for the 2017-18 housing contract.

What is the cost of on-campus housing?
To view the proposed rates, please visit the 2017-18 Proposed Upperclassmen Rates sheet in the resource section. All rates become final after approval of the Board of Visitors, which usually occurs by the end of the spring semester. The cost of on-campus housing is equal to, or lower than, most surrounding locations that offer similar quality amenities.

 Do I have to make a $250 deposit/prepayment?
No, prepayments or deposits are not required for returning students.

Will I be able to choose the room I want?
Priority for selecting your room is based upon

  • Whether you wish to stay in your current room if available
  • You are member of a roommate group and are pulled in by another student
  • The lottery number you receive

Can I choose my roommate?
Students going through the same-room process will select roommates during the roommate pull-in process. Students are encouraged to create a roommate group in order to select multiple roommates at one time

Can I change my room assignment after I choose a space?
No. Once you select a room, you will not be able to log back in and change your assignment. Room changes will be allowed after the first three weeks of classes during the fall semester. Once you choose a room, you are committing to living on campus for the duration of your particular contract.

Can I choose an on-campus space and then cancel it?
You should not think of on-campus housing as a backup. Once you choose a space you will be unable to cancel it. If you select a space or are pulled into a space from a Roommate Group, your space has been reserved and you are locked into a contract. Please refer to the housing contract for more details.

What if I don’t fill out a housing application by noon on 2/10/17?
Current students who fail to complete a housing application by noon on 2/10/17 will lose their priority status and will be unable to pick a room until after lottery. Students will be able to submit an application when the Incoming Student Housing Application opens on April 1. 

What if I want to live with a student of a different gender?
Students have the opportunity to choose to live in Open Housing with students of a different gender. To do so, a student must fill out an Open Housing application by Feb. 6 and a housing application by Feb. 10. All members of a group seeking this option must complete both a housing and an Open Housing application. To apply visit the Open Housing Application. 

I am a student in ASPiRE, Globe, Innovate, or Lead program. How do I sign-up for a room?
Students participating in any of these programs have specifically defined room selection processes and dates that differ from the general process. Below are the sign-up dates for each Living-Learning Program.

  • 2/21-2/22: Returning ASPiRE Sign-up
  • 2/22-2/23 Incoming ASPiRE Sign-up
  • 2/23-2/24 Returning GLOBE Sign-up
  • 2/24-2/25 Incoming GLOBE Sign-up
  • 2/28-3/1 Returning LEAD & Innovate Sign-up
  • 3/1-3/2 Incoming LEAD & Innovate Sign-up

For more information about Living-Learning Programs housing selection process, see the program coordinator.

What if I need to stay on campus over break?
Upperclassmen students living in 12-month buildings will be able to stay over Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.

What if I am graduating?
Students graduating in fall 2017 will need to vacate their rooms by 12/20/17. Students in 12-month halls graduating in spring do not need to vacate after graduation; their contract will continue until 7/15/18.

Am I required to pull-in a roommate?
No, but we encourage students to pull-in a roommate/s in order to fill their chosen room or unit. Information on how to pull-in roommates will be provided in step-by-step instructions at each phase of the online selection process. For example, if you choose to live in a four-bedroom apartment, you will be able to pull-in three roommates in order to completely fill the unit, if space is available. 

Individuals not completely filling their room after each room selection period will be subject to consolidation by Residential Life and Housing. 

I received an email, which states that I cannot stay in my same space. Why can I not stay?
Space availability changes have been made due to evolving programmatic needs. Additionally, projects like the reconstruction of Gladding Residence Center I and II and the new Allied Health building replacing The Low-Rises have impacted upperclassmen housing spaces.

What can I do if I cannot stay in my current space?
Students who cannot go through same-room sign-up can be pulled into another space through the Pull-in process or can go through the Lottery process. We suggest filling out a housing application, so students have the option to view all residence hall vacancies. If there is nothing available that fits the student’s needs, they simply do not choose a space. Students are only locked into a contract if they choose a space.

What are my options if I do not live on-campus?
VCU has an off-campus housing site,, which is a great resource for students looking to live off-campus.

What buildings are available for the lottery after same-room sign-up?
There are 9-month and 12-month contract options for the Lottery process. 

12-month contract, General Upperclassmen Housing
Broad & Belvidere Apartments

  • two-bedroom (single) units with one bath
  • three-bedroom (single) units with two baths
  • four-bedroom (single) units with two baths

Ackell Residence Center Apartments

  • two-bedroom (single) units with one bath

12-month contract, Living-Learning Program Housing
Grace & Broad Residence Center Apartments (LEAD & Innovate)

  • four-bedroom (single) units with two baths

West Grace North Apartments (Globe)

  • two-bedroom (single) units with one bath
  • two-bedroom (double) units with two baths
  • four-bedroom (single) units with two baths

West Grace South (ASPiRE)

  • two-bedroom (double) units with two baths
  • four-bedroom (single) units with two baths