• Room Change Process

Room Change Process

Students interested in seeking a change in room assignment should seek out the Hall Director of their current building. Typically, the Hall Director's office is located on the first floor of the building and, except in emergencies, students will be required to make an appointment. Most Hall Directors will want to discuss with you reasons for your desired room change. If a roommate conflict is taking place, he/she may offer mediation assistance or other guidance to assist you. When a room change seems appropriate for any reason, the Hall Director is able to go on-line and view available vacancies across campus, which he/she will discuss with you. Once a new room has been selected, you will receive an official room change email from the Housing Office, confirming the change and giving you a time frame (typically three (3) days) to complete your move. Room changes will be processed based on space availability.

Our goal is for students to be happy and comfortable in their residence hall assignment and we understand a variety of reasons may warrant consideration of a room change. While we may offer assistance with solving a current roommate problem or direct you to campus resources for other types of support, our goal will always be to help you create or seek a safe, supportive and comfortable living environment.

Please note that room rates vary depending on the specific residence hall, suite, or apartment. Differences between housing rates will be prorated, effective on the date the new assignment is made. Room changes can also result in changes in dining plan status. Please be sure to request information regarding the impact a room change may have on your housing rate or meal plan requirements. 

Any questions regarding your move should be directed to the appropriate area office or our central Housing Office.