2017 Spring Housing

Steps for new students apply for Spring 2017 Housing

  1. Get accepted to VCU.
  2. Accept the offer to attend VCU.
  3. Visit housing.vcu.edu and click Housing Application, located in the top bar. In the application, students are guided through process and then electronically sign the housing contract. Applications open November 9 at noon.
  4. Go to the confirmation page in the Housing Application and review your application and click save. Check your VCU email for a confirmation email that your application is complete.
  5. In order to apply for housing, a student must first accept their offer of acceptance to VCU. Once that is done, a student will receive their eID, which is used to log in to the Housing Application.

In the application, students will be able to list their building preferences. However spring semester spaces are very limited, so students may not be assigned to their preferred residence hall or room style. Assignment priority is based on when an application is completed. The earlier a student applies and their prepayment is received, the more likely they are to receive one of their top choices.

Incoming Freshman Students housing options

For Spring 2017, freshmen are being housed in Ackell, Brandt, Rhoads, Johnson, Cary & Belvidere, Grace & Broad and Cabaniss (MCV campus). For more details about each residence hall visit the Halls section. 

Incoming upperclassmen transfer and graduate students housing options

Upperclassmen transfer students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) are being housed in Ackell, Broad & Belvidere, Gladding Residence Center III, Grace & Broad, West Grace South and West Grace North. For more details about each residence hall visit the Halls section. 

Signing the Housing Contract

When a student completes the Housing Application, they electronically sign the contract at the end of the application process. Instead of signing a specific contract for a specific room, students sign a general contract for the 2016-2017 academic year. The Housing Contract is not binding until the student receives their assignment. The 2016-2017 Housing Contract can be found at housing.vcu.edu/resources.  

Room assignment notifications

Room Assignment Notification Letters are sent to students' VCU email account in December and early January as applications are received and assignments are processed.

Canceling a housing assignment

New students admitted to the university for the Spring Semester 2017 will be allowed to cancel their Housing Contract without penalty if a written request is received within five business days after the assignment is made.

Room changes

VCU Residential Life and Housing does not usually permit room changes until after the official semester class registration add/drop period has ended (this is usually about the third week of the semester). Every effort is made throughout the school year to place an on-campus student in another comfortable residential environment, should a room change be requested.