Housing Lottery Process FAQs

Please read these FAQ’s completely and thoroughly. We also encourage you to review the 2019-20 Upperclass Students Housing Rates

Who is eligible for the Lottery process and how does it work?

To get a lottery number, a student must have submitted a Housing Application and have not yet chosen a space through any other room selection process. You will receive your lottery number via your VCU email account on Monday, March 11 by 6 p.m. Lottery numbers are generated at random, and are not based on the date you submitted yourHousing Application. If you do not receive a lottery number and think you should have, please contact us so we can research your situation. Your lottery number will correspond to a specific date and time, which is noted on the communication your received. On the date and time that corresponds to your lottery number, you will log into the Housing Application and follow the prompts in order to search for a room. You can access the Housing Application by visiting vcuhousing.vcu.edu and clicking Housing Application in the top navigation bar. 

How to prepare for the Housing Lottery process?

Before logging onto the Housing Application  to choose a room, review the descriptions, room types, amenities and costs for our upperclass residence halls. These halls are Ackell, Broad & Belvidere, Grace and Broad, Cary & Belvidere, West Grace North and West Grace South. The lottery sign-up process is a timed process. Once a room is chosen, students will have five minutes to finish the process, so no need to rush. If the process is not completed within the five minutes allotted, the room will return to the general lottery. Keep in mind, many students are searching for a room at the same time, so be prepared.

Want to live with friends next year?

All student who want to live together must complete a 2019-2020 Housing Application and you all must be a part of the same Roommate Group. Roommate Groups can be changed at any time up until a space is chosen. Prior to the start of the lottery, students should discuss with their roommates their residence halls and room styles preferences. Be sure to consider several options, as not all halls and room styles may be available. The student with the lowest lottery will choose rooms within one apartment for him/herself and the rest of the members of the roommate group assuming spaces are available in the unit. The person with the lowest number should choose all of the spaces the group needs at once before moving on to the next page. This is important since the system will not allow for students to sign back in and assign more spaces later. Once the spaces are chosen, the system will guide students through the actual assignment process.

What if a student cannot find an apartment with enough spaces for their whole roommate group?

As the lottery progresses and students sign-up for rooms, apartments will begin to fill up. Therefore, roommate groups should discuss before hand how they will “divide up” if an apartment with enough space cannot be found. For example, the student with the lowest lottery number has three people in Roommate Group. They can only find an apartment with two available spaces. The student with the lowest lottery number will be able to assign themselves and and one person to space. While the third roommate will need to find a space independently based on the date and time slot of their own lottery number.

What if I change my mind about the room I pick in the Lottery? Can I cancel that room and choose another?

No. Once you have selected and confirmed your room/s, you will not be allowed to cancel the spaces and choose again. You and your roommate/s are urged to review room vacancies carefully before you decide on a final room selection.

What if I miss my scheduled time for the Housing lottery? Will I still be able to sign up for a room?

The online system gives you access beginning at a specific date and start time, based on your Housing lottery number. However, you can access the system any time after your specific date and start time, up until the lottery ends at 3pm on Friday, March 16.

I got a high lottery number. Does that mean I won’t get a room?

Some students who receive a lottery number decide not to participate. Some students are “pulled in” to a room on their friend’s number and do not use their own number. No matter how high your lottery number, you should still log in to Housing Application at your scheduled lottery time to check for available rooms.

What is the Cancellation Policy if I choose a room space during the Lottery and later decide I want to move off campus?

You should not choose a space on-campus as a backup plan. Once you choose a space you are committed to that room. There is not a cancellation grace period. Please be sure to carefully review the Housing Contract which you electronically signed when you completed your Housing Application . If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at vcuhousing@vcu.edu or (804) 828-7666.


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