Summer Housing

Summer Housing is for students who are enrolled in a class for the 2019 Summer Session. Students enrolled for summer who are assigned to VCU on-campus housing for Fall 2019 may choose to live in university housing during any or all of the Summer 2019 housing assignment dates, regardless of when your summer classes begin or end. Students enrolled for summer who are not assigned to Fall housing may live in summer housing only during the time frame that corresponds to their summer class dates.

Non-VCU students are eligible for on-campus summer housing through VCU Conference Services.  Visit for additional information or sign up today using our reservation portal. For assistance, email VCU Conference Services at

When to Apply

The Summer 2019 housing application will open Monday, April 22nd at noon. 

How to Apply

To apply for Summer 2019 Housing visit the Housing Application. Please carefully follow all instructions and prompts noted on each page of the Housing Application.

Available Residence Halls

Student attending summer classes will be housed in Gladding Residence Center III. All rooms are single occupancy in a two or four person style suite (with limited double occupancy suites). Suites come with a living room, full size refrigerator, sink, and cabinet space, as well as a shared bathroom. In addition, a laundry room with washers and dryers is located on the first floor, & a full kitchen is located on each floor. Students supply cooking utensils, cleaning agents, and maintain & clean their suite. Please visit the Gladding Residence Center III page for more information, photos and a virtual tour. 

How It Works

If a student is currently assigned to VCU Housing for Fall 2019 and is registered for any summer class session, they are permitted to request any or all Summer 2019 housing assignment dates. However, please see the Transition Weeks exceptions, below, regarding online sign-up.

On the Summer Housing Application, a student will indicate the dates they wish to reside on campus. Move-In dates correspond to the Sunday immediately prior to the start date for each summer class session. Move-Out is based on the final date of your summer class(es) or the move-out date you indicate on your summer housing application.  Move-Out will always be the following Saturday from the end of classes.

A student's official move-in and move-out dates will be noted on their Summer 2019 Housing Assignment Notification Letter, which will be sent to students' VCU email on a rolling basis throughout the summer.

After submitting a electronic summer housing application, if a student decides to take additional summer classes, they will not be able to add more housing dates online. Instead, they must email the VCU Central Housing Office at Please include the student's name, student id number, cell phone number if applicable, and the summer week(s) they wish to sign-up for. 

Summer Housing Dates

Summer School Move-In Dates (billed from): 

  • Transition Week 1: Saturday, May 11 - Saturday, May 18, 2019 
  • Sunday, May 19th
  • Sunday, June 9th
  • Sunday, June 23rd
  • Sunday, July 7th  
  • Sunday, July 21st

Summer School Move-Out Dates (billed to):

  • Saturday, June 8th
  • Saturday, June 22nd
  • Saturday, July 13th
  • Saturday, July 20th
  • Saturday, August 3rd
  • Saturday, August 10th
  • Transition Week 2: Saturday, August 10 – Saturday, August 17, 2019 

Transition Weeks

Transition Week 1: Saturday, May 11 - Saturday, May 18, 2019

Limited to students who lived on campus during Spring 2019. If a current on-campus student is taking a summer class that begins Monday, May 20, 2019, they may sign up for Transition Week 1 of summer housing. They cannot sign up online, however. To sign up for this week, email the VCU Central Housing Office at Please include your name, student id number, cell phone number if applicable, and the summer week(s) you wish to sign for in your email.

Students will move from their Spring 2019 room assignment to Gladding Residence Center, III between 3 - 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Go to the GRC front lobby to check in and to pick up room keys

Transition Week 2: Saturday, August 10 - Friday, August 16 2019

Limited to students who are living on campus for Fall 2019 in 9-month housing. If they sign up for Summer 2019 housing in Gladding Residence Center III through Saturday, August 10, 2019, and they are also assigned to Fall 2019 housing in a 9-month residence hall, they will be permitted to sign up for Transition Week 2. To sign up, students must email the VCU Central Housing Office at Please include a student's name, student id number, cell phone number if applicable, and the summer week(s) you wish to apply for in your email. Students should anticipate moving from their Summer space to their permanent fall space during this week, and should be available to move when their fall space is ready. Moves may be coordinated as early as Monday, August 12, 2019.


  • 1 week:  $230.00

  • 2 weeks: $455.00
3 weeks: $683.00
4 weeks: $911.00
5 weeks: $1139.00

  • 6 weeks: $1366.00

  • 7 weeks: $1,594.00

  • 8 weeks: $1,822.00

  • 9 weeks: $2,049.00

  • 10 weeks: $2.277.00

  • 11 weeks: $2,505.00

  • 12 weeks: $2,732.00

Weekly Rate is $230.00 and 
entire summer rate is $2,732.00

What if a student needs to cancel my summer housing?

A student can request cancellation of their Summer housing assignment within five (5) business days of the date of their notification letter. After that five-day period, summer assignments and contract cancellations are not allowed and students will be held to their summer housing contract’s Terms & Conditions. To request cancellation, email the VCU Housing Central Office at In the email, please include the student's name, VCU student identification number (the “V” number), cell phone number if applicable, and the residence hall and room number to which you are assigned.

2019-20 Housing Contract 

Please be sure to review the 2019-20 Housing Contract for details regarding our cancellation policy and other contractual obligations. 


For additional questions regarding VCU Summer housing, email VCU Residential Life & Housing at Please include the student's name, student id number (V number) and cell phone number if applicable. 

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