Move-in and Move-out Information


Move-in will take place for Ackell, Broad & Belvidere (GLM Section Only), Grace & Broad and West Grace North from Sunday, Aug. 1 - Sunday, Aug. 22. For Broad & Belvidere (Non-GLM Section Only), Cary & Belvidere, and West Grace South, move-in will take place from Monday, Aug. 16 - Sunday, Aug. 22. This year move-in will be done through an online appointment process. Residents who complete the requirements listed below will be sent instructions on how to sign-up for a move-in appointment.


Before receiving instructions to sign-up for a move-in time slot residents must complete these requirements.

For students approved for a COVID-19 vaccination exemption: alternative requirements to vaccination.

  • Take a COVID-19 entry test and receive a negative test result before moving into the residence hall
  • Participate in surveillance testing, a program that tests the prevalence of COVID-19 in the VCU community
  • Complete daily health checks
  • Follow quarantine procedures if exposed to someone with COVID-19 no matter if the student is symptomatic or asymptomatic.

Vaccinated students are exempt from these requirements.


Ackell, Grace & Broad, West Grace North, West Grace South and Broad & Belvidere 12-month Residents

The 12-Month contract will end July 15 at 10 a.m. Please make plans to be completely moved out by this time if your contract is ending.

Things to know about Move-Out:

  • Residents can express check-out from their space at any time.
  • If residents need move-out assistance, they can sign-up for a 2-hour time slot to allow two move-out guests to help. Visit the Move-out Time Slot section located below for instructions.
  • Residents need to pack all items before their planned move-out day. This will make the move-out experience run smoother and less stressful.
  • Remove all tape, staples, thumbtacks, etc., from walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.
  • Remember, all residents and guests should wear face coverings at all times and follow all VCU guidelines.
  • Remove all personal belongings from common spaces. Check the closets, wardrobes, drawers, and under/behind furniture.
  • Turn the AC to 72 degrees and place on “Auto.”
  • Carts will not be provided during move-out. Residents should bring their own cart or dolly to help with move-out.
  • Complete an express check-out envelope, seal keys inside or indicate that the keys were lost, and leave them in the designated bin.

Residents Remaining in their Space

Over the summer, Residential Life and Housing will perform common area cleanings. Students staying in the space for Fall 2021 and leaving for part or the whole summer need to move all personal items from the common space to their assigned bedrooms.

Move-out Time Slot

Residents who need move-out assistance can sign-up for a 2-hour time slot to allow two move-out guests to help. Please visit the housing portal and select appointments in the top menu to sign-up. 

Things to know about move-out time slots

  • Residents who do not need move-out helpers do not need to sign-up for a time slot. Only residents who need move-out helpers should sign-up.
  • Residents will only be able to sign-up for one move-out time slot. It is highly suggested that residents have all their items packed before their move-out time slot starts to ensure they have all their items out of the building before their time slot ends.
  • Move-out guests must wear face coverings at all times and maintain physical distancing when possible.
  • Residents and their move-out guests should only ride the elevators with their party.
  • Move-out guests will be given wristbands at the start of the 2-hour time slot. Please keep these wristbands on during move-out. Move-out guests who do not have wristbands will be asked to leave the building.
  • Residents should have all their items packed before their move-out time slot starts


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