Spring Entrance Testing

Residential students must complete a COVID-19 test and receive a negative test result before returning to campus in January. Test kits are COVID-19 PCR swab saliva, with the same reliability as tests used for on-campus asymptomatic surveillance and at-will testing.

Note: Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or those who have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19, must contact Student Health Services by calling 804-MYCOVID (804-692-6843) for more information about testing options and next steps

How To Take The COVID-19 Test 

Dec. 28 – Jan. 3: Check VCU email and log into Kallaco

Residents will receive an email on Dec. 28 from noreply@kalla.co with instructions on how to sign-up for a test kit with Kallaco. Students who have never created a Kallaco account will receive additional instructions on how to create a Kallaco Account.

Forgot Password: Students who have a Kallaco account but have forgotten their password may reset their password by visiting vcu.kalla.co/Identity/Account/ForgotPassword.

Dec. 28 – Jan. 3: Update mailing address by completing the virtual assessment

Once logged into their Kallaco accounts, students should click "Confirm Your Order" to complete the Virtual Assessment. Toward the end of the assessment, students will be asked demographic information, including the address where their test kit will be mailed on or around Jan. 5. This task must be completed for test kits to be mailed. 

Jan. 5 – Jan. 7: Take the COVID-19 Test

Residents will receive their COVID-19 self-administered test by mail between Jan. 5 – Jan. 7. Upon receiving the test kit, students should follow all provided directions and will need to administer and mail their tests back to the lab on or before Jan. 7. To learn how to administer the COVID-19 Entry Test watch the COVID-19 CRL Clear How-To Video.  The test kit includes packaging and an overnight FedEx label for residents to mail their test kit. To locate a FedEx dropbox, please visit fedex.com/locate.

Starting Jan. 8: Test results posted in Kallaco

Residents will receive a notification to their VCU emails when their test results are posted to their Kallaco account. Turnaround times for test results will vary depending on volume but should be posted to accounts within three to five business days of receipt by the lab.

If a resident tests positive for COVID-19, they should immediately isolate and contact Student Health Services by calling 1-804-MYCOVID or 1-804-692-6843 to discuss the next steps.

Sign-up for a move-in timeslot

Once Residential Life and Housing is notified that a resident has received a negative COVID-19 test result and has completed the Spring Return to Campus Student Training, they will email the resident a link to sign-up for a move-in time slot and move-in instructions. 

To support the residential community's health and safety, all residents are required to take the COVID-19 test outlined above and complete their Return to Campus Student Training. If a resident comes to move-in without completing these requirements, they will not be permitted to enter the residence hall.


How do I know if I have a Kallaco account?

You should have a Kallaco account if you participated in mandatory entry testing for residential students at the beginning of the fall semester, exit testing before the Thanksgiving break, or asymptomatic prevalence or at-will testing during the fall semester. You can log into your account with your eid@vcu.edu (not eid@mymail.vcu.edu) at vcu.kalla.co/Identity/Account/Login.

If you have a Kallaco account but forgot your password and need to reset it, visit vcu.kalla.co/Identity/Account/ForgotPassword.

If you did not participate in any of the testing types referenced above and are new to Kallaco, you should have received an email by Dec. 28 from noreply@kalla.co with instructions for setting up your Kallaco account and signing the testing agreement.

What should I do if I don’t have a Kallaco account and didn’t receive instructions from Kallaco about setting up my account?

Email vcu_support@kalla.co for assistance.

Can the COVID-19 Entry Test Kits be mailed to an international address?

No, test kits can only be mailed to valid US addresses. Residents who are outside the United States during the mailing period for test kits should contact VCU Housing at vcuhousing@vcu.edu to discuss their specific situation.

Do I have to use the self-administered test kit provided by VCU? Or can I get a COVID-19 test and send results another way?

You must use the VCU-provided test kit because we are only able to track results through this process. However, you can take the kit to your doctor and have them do the sampling if you prefer, but you are responsible for sending the kit via FedEx for testing. 

Can I track my test kit?

Yes, the FedEx tracking information is available in your Kallaco account.

It’s past Jan. 7 and I haven’t received my test kit. Or my test kit was delivered but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?

Check your Kallaco account to confirm that the correct shipping address is listed. If the correct address is listed, check the FedEx tracking information to confirm that it was delivered to the right address. If you are not able to locate your test kit or an incorrect address is listed, email vcu_support@kalla.co for assistance.

My test kit arrived damaged. What should I do?

Immediately contact vcu_support@kalla.co for assistance.

How long does it take for my test results to be available?

Your test results will be posted to your Kallaco account within three to five business days of receipt by the lab. Once posted, you will receive an automatic email notification stating that they are available.

I received a rejected test result. What should I do?
Email vcu_support@kalla.co to confirm that a new test kit will be overnighted to you. Tracking information for the new kit should be posted to your Kallaco account.

When can I sign-up for a move-in time slot?

Once Residential Life and Housing is notified that you have both received a negative COVID-19 test and completed the required Responsible Together training for students, you will receive an email notification with the link to sign-up for your residence hall move-in time slot and additional move-in instructions.

What should I do if I missed the Jan. 3 deadline to log into my Kallaco account and update my mailing address?

You can still complete these required steps to receive your test kit but the timeline to receive your move-in time slot will be pushed back.

What type of COVID-19 test is the Spring Entry Testing?

Entry test kits will contain saliva-based PCR tests approved for self-administration. Saliva tests are easy and comfortable to perform and do not require a clinician to administer. 

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