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Thank you for your interest in joining the Residential Life and Housing (RLH) team at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). As a university we are continuously striving to be the nation’s premier urban, public research university. These goals are led by our guiding framework, Quest 2025: Together We Transform ( VCU is located in Richmond, Virginia, a river city that is the perfect blend of urban life, outdoor activity and artistic flare.

The Department of Residential Life and Housing at VCU is committed to providing a safe and secure living and learning environment that encourages the pursuit of academic success, cultivates an appreciation for diversity, contributes to personal growth and fosters responsibility to community.

Aerial view of the James River facing Richmond Downtown Picture of VCUs mascot, Rodney the Ram, running with a  Aerial view of VCUs compass in the center of campus 

Residential Life and Housing has seen a great deal of growth over the past few years. Currently our on-campus occupancy is over 5,000 students. Which is why we are looking for talented professionals that are resident-centered and seek to be active members in student success. We are extremely proud of our diverse campus community and want professionals that share our values of inclusion. We value the work of our team and understand the importance of professional development.

As an RLH staff member, you will have the opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops and committee work outside of the day-to-day position expectations. We strongly believe that offering staff these opportunities not only benefits the individual, but also distinguishes VCU Residential Life and Housing as a “best practice” department and enables us to embody our value of excellence. I encourage you to further explore our website,, for more information about our department or to learn more about VCU.

V C U students  Front of Gladding Residence Center  Students talking at VCU sign

Our team looks forward to learning more about you and sharing information about our wonderful campus experience. I wish you the best in your search process and hope you will enjoy learning more about VCU Residential Life and Housing in the sections below.


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Gavin Roark
Executive Director of Residential Life & Housing



We invite applications for the following positions:


Residential Life and Housing at VCU will be a preeminent urban, public on-campus community providing a one-of-a-kind residential experience.


Residential Life and Housing at VCU provides safe, inclusive and well-maintained facilities where we build intentional communities to empower residents in their academic excellence, citizenship and personal growth.


Collaboration: We value the exchange of ideas and solutions through internal and external partnerships. This value is exemplified through the enhancement of the residential experience through training, community building, policy development and integration of services.

Inclusion & Diversity: We value celebration, exploration, and understanding among people, ideas and culture. This value is exemplified through creation of a safe environment for all students to explore identities of self and others; and promoting a life-long commitment to successful living in a global community; and ensuring that policies, programs and services are inclusive and reflect the diversity of our community.

Resident Centered: We value and recognize that our residents are at the core of our mission and practices. This value is exemplified in our commitment to encouraging and promoting the student voice and providing opportunities for comprehensive student learning, student development and student leadership.

Learning: We value academic and personal success for all students. This value is exemplified through our emphasis on engagement and education outside the classroom and ensuring a dynamic residential setting where discovery, innovation, challenge and support, and respectful discourse are paramount to the on-campus experience of the student. 

Excellence: We value the individual and collective pursuit of exceptional practice in our work and relationships. This value is exemplified through high expectations of our staff and students in the residential community. Staff and students continually seek ways to contribute to the future of the department, division, institution and profession.


Diversity and Inclusion

Residential Life and Housing (RLH) recognizes the importance of upholding an intersectional social justice approach in every facet of our work. We acknowledge that higher education in the United States has deep roots in creating a comfortable experience only for people holding privileged identities. Therefore, we are committed to challenging colonialism in our work by creating equitable communities and work environments for all who engage with our department.

We will:

  • Uphold an intersectional social justice approach by centering and celebrating the varied, unique, and multiple identities held by our residents, staff, and stakeholders in the communities we build.
  • Challenge colonialism by honoring the knowledge and lived experiences of our residents, staff, and stakeholders.
  • Construct an authentic experience for all people by seeking consultation from residents, staff, and stakeholders in decision making, policy formation, and procedure creation.
  • Create equitable residential communities that empower residents and staff to develop awareness of themselves and others, to recognize the influence of power and privilege, and to live authentically.
  • Cultivate a workplace where both professional and student staff are valued and are called to challenge inequities.

RLH commits to placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of our work. We recognize that intersectional social justice work is a continual process. We therefore strive to continue our growth as individuals and as a department; we invite you to provide feedback on our performance.

Residential Life and Housing is a department within the Division of Student Affairs. As such, we wanted to provide a link to the DSA DEI Statement and the larger VCU DEI Statement.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a premier urban, public research university focused on academic success. Established in 1838 and located in downtown Richmond, VA, we currently enroll approximately 31,000 students. VCU takes pride in its nationally ranked academic programs and academic medical center, research and scholarly productivity, and engagement with the communities it serves and changes.

University Facts

  • Virginia Commonwealth University has over 31,000 students, composed of 24,058 undergraduates, 5,309 graduates and 1,709 first professionals
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center is the number 1 hospital in Richmond, Virginia and the only Level 1 trauma center in Central Virginia
  • The campus resides on 173 acres in downtown Richmond
  • Virginia Commonwealth University and the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center is the largest employer in Richmond, Virginia with 22,888 employees
  • Student population represents over 100 countries with the top four being Saudi Arabia, India, China and Kuwait
  • Virginia Commonwealth University is currently offering 59 bachelor’s degree programs, 69 master’s degree programs, 42 doctoral degree programs, 3 first-professional degree programs and 44 post-baccalaureate and post-master’s certificate programs

Photo of people walking on VCU campus Photo of mural on the side of VCU's Honor's College Building Photo of the VCU Library illuminated


Check out a show at VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art, also known as the ICA. Visit to learn more and explore upcoming exhibitions. 

Image of VCU's ICA building  

A walk around the city of Richmond will show you some of the incredible mural projects that have taken place. It’s no wonder the city was rated “Most Artistic Mid-Sized City in America” in a Gogobot study.

Photo of a mural at Richmond's Canal Walk Photo of a mural in Richmond, VA Side view of Richmond's canal walk murals

Richmond was ranked 4th overall among the “Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future” by fDi Magazine.

Richmond is one of the “most content areas” in America, according to the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research.

National Geographic notes Richmond as a “top destination” for food travel. And it seems like restaurants continue to keep popping up in every corner of the city.

Plates of food from a restaurant Outside of the Kuba Kuba Restaurant in Richmond, VA Photo of Brewery drinks  

Wall Street Journal said Richmond “is home to one of the region’s fastest growing beer scenes” with more than 30 breweries and more on the way. 

Outside Magazine listed Richmond as “the best town ever.” There’s just no arguing with that.

Photo of the James River and Downtown Richmond Aerial view of Richmond city lights at night time Photo underneath a bridge on the James River in Richmond, VA 

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Why do I enjoy working at VCU?

Coats, Stephanie

"Joining the VCU Ramily is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Everyday, I feel inspired to be better than I was the day before. Living in Richmond is definitely a BONUS!"
—Stephanie Coats, Hall Director


Lackey, Lauren
“I have been part of the RAMily for almost four years and have enjoyed all of the various roles I have had the opportunity to serve in while in RLH. My colleagues and coworkers have always invested their time, energy, and hearts into helping me grow both professionally and personally. Within VCU and RLH, I have found a great support system and truly feel like the people here care about me and want to see me succeed!”
—Lauren Lackey, Facilities Coordinator


Shaw, Asia

"I love the diverse population of students that are at VCU. The students here are so unique in their experiences and cultures. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new from the students and everyday they challenge me to be better."
—Asia Shaw, Hall Director


Tarbell, Justin

"While working at VCU, there is an incredible amount of trust and encouragement given. The encouragement and positivity I receive on a daily basis really makes me excited to come into this environment and get to do the work that I love doing."
—Justin Tarbell, Coordinator of Selection & Development


Habeebullah, Tevin
"I enjoy working at VCU, everyone is incredibly nice and helpful. We are one huge family!"
—Tevin Habeebullah, Area Administrative Assistant


Duncan, Mariah
“Something that I have enjoyed about working in VCU RLH is the opportunity to dabble in a little bit of everything. As a Hall Director, I have been able to participate in assignments, conduct, programming, and so many other processes as I work to find my niche in higher education.”
—Mariah Duncan, Hall Director 


Hill, Samantha
“In my 10 years with VCU Residential Life and housing I have had the opportunity to serve in various roles. This demonstrates one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in RLH: the opportunities for growth and new professional challenges along with the personal support necessary for success. Additionally, I find great satisfaction in working with others in the department. They are some of the most intelligent and creative people I've had the pleasure of knowing and I am grateful to learn from colleagues across the department.”
—Samantha Hill, Assistant Director of Facilities


Roberts, Rameer
I enjoy working in Residential Life and Housing because I feel comfortable being myself. The university encourages diversity and authenticity and I couldn't be prouder to be a RAM.”

“VCU holds a special place in my heart. I married the love of my life in the Student Commons, I obtained my master's degree and I am currently pursuing my doctorate in VCU's School of Education. All of these doors opened once I became part of RAMily and I am honored to call this AMAZING institution ‘home’ for over six years.”
—Ra'meer Roberts, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Conduct


Wade, Kevin
"I love working at VCU because I am surrounded by peers that share my passion for collaboration and finding new ways to help support our students. I look forward to interactions with our students because I am continually impressed with how driven they are to succeed and make the world a better place. VCU students are awesome."
—Kevin Wade, Sr. Associate Director of Administrative Services


"In my first year working at VCU, I have learned a lot. I’ve been able to grow into my own and seek out professional development opportunities that allow me to gain experiences to help me continue to grow as a professional. The support I have received has really helped me to grow professionally.”
—Theresa Franklin, Assistant Director of Residential Life


Why do I enjoy living in Richmond? 

Drayton-Greene, RaeShelle
“I enjoy what Richmond has to offer my family. It's been easy to find activities for my little one to get active with kids their age.”
—RaeShelle Drayton-Greene


Shaw, Asia
"Richmond has so many great restaurants to try. I also love to travel and having an international airport close by is awesome!"
—Asia Shaw, Hall Director


Tarbell, Justin
"Richmond gives you everything you want from a city without feeling like everything is built on top of something else. Each neighborhood has a unique style and vibe, so you are sure to find one that fits you! Whether it's Bryan Park or the James River, Scott's Addition or The Fan, or Chesterfield or Short Pump, you will find an area that you love to explore and spend time in."
—Justin Tarbell, Coordinator of Selection & Development


Cooper, Lisa
I absolutely love all that Richmond has to offer. Richmond is considered a mid-size town, but it offers many of the amenities, arts, culture, recreation, and entertainment you would find in a large city, while also having a small-town family feel. We experience all four seasons with just-the-right balance. Winters are mild but not too cold. Summers are warm. Spring is filled with beautiful flowers as we transition to summer. And the fall is vibrant and colorful. Richmond also provides easy access to neighboring cites/states that are only a short drive away, Northern VA, District Columbia, Maryland, and North Carolina.
—Lisa Cooper, Assistant Director of Leadership


Habeebullah, Tevin
"Richmond has amazing food, wonderful events that bring the community together and the potential to be the best city in all of America!"
—Tevin Habeebullah, Area Administrative Assistant


What do I enjoy most about supervising Hall Directors?

Bradley, Kimberly

“Your experience as a Hall Director is important. When you feel valued and supported in your role, you will provide a high level of care for others. Supervision is a ripple effect therefore I take it very seriously! I aim to work alongside you.”
—Kimberly Bradley, Assistant Director of Residential Life



“I believe the most impactful we will ever be as student affairs practitioners is the impact we have through supervision. Providing hall directors with opportunities to learn, grow, and give back to this field is paramount to me. As a supervisor I establish strong communication, trust my team, allow for decision making, and am a support system to them.
—Theresa Franklin, Assistant Director of Residential Life



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