Welcome to Residential Life and Housing! There is no better way to become immersed in the VCU experience, meet your academic goals, and experience a lifestyle that allows for personal exploration and development. Living on-campus allows a special inter-connectedness with fellow students and the larger University community. Our chief concern is your academic success and providing opportunities for you to impact your community.

Students who live on-campus are more likely to interact with faculty outside of the classroom, attend cultural events, seek employment on campus, and participate in clubs and organizations. Being involved allows for a deeper University experience, personal development, strong social networks, and increased opportunities for intellectual, physical, and academic growth.

We invite you to be an active member of your residential community, benefitting personally and impacting positively the communities you are a part of. We have high expectations for student success in our communities and know your leadership, civility, and personal responsibility will enhance this learning and living environment. We provide a living experience that values community connections, rich diversity, discussion of ideas, and celebration of our individual differences and commonalities.

There is an entire community of staff who are here to support you, so do not hesitate to reach out and contact us with questions. Your safety, comfort, and opportunities for growth and success are facilitated by numerous student and professional staff who are more than willing to assist in your on-campus experience.

Welcome to VCU residential living!