Living Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities are specialized residential environments designed to integrate on-campus living with a focused academic experience. The mix of curricular and co-curricular activities inside and outside of the classroom enables students to fully engage in their VCU experience and learn to encounter real world experiences with an interdisciplinary approach. With the support of dedicated staff members, intentional events and programs, and experiential learning opportunities students who participate in LLCs at VCU experience a stronger connection to the university through increased academic and personal success. All residential students have the opportunity to participate in a Living-Learning Community. We offer several varieties of communities that are designed to enhance on-campus living with a focus on shared interest, academic goals, or lifestyle preferences. One type of Living-learning Community is a Living-learning Program. These communities are a hybrid residential-academic experience specifically designed for upperclassmen students. Upon completion of these programs students will receive an academic transcript distinction such as a certificate of completion or minor.

EPIC is a Living-Learning Community where residents choose to commit to a sober living abstaining from alcohol, illegal drugs, and substances for which they do not own a current prescription. 

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