Summer Housing Application Is Open

Summer Housing is a great choice for students taking summer session classes or who have an internship.

Who is eligible for summer housing?

VCU students enrolled in summer session classes or who have an internship in the area are eligible to apply. Students may only sign-up for weeks that they have class or are involved with their internship. For the 2021 summer, we are not hosting non-VCU students.

How to Apply

To apply for Summer Housing visit the Summer Housing Application.

Summer Housing Residence Hall Options

Summer housing will be hosted in Gladding Residence Center. Each student will be housed in a single bedroom either in a suite or traditional style bedroom. Visit the Gladding Residence Center hall page to learn more about its amenities.

Upperclass students with 9-month contracts

Upperclass students with 9-month contracts living in Cary & Belvidere and Broad & Belvidere needing summer housing have the option to do a room change to another apartment for the summer. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please email

Summer Housing Dates

  • May 24 – June 11
  • May 24 – June 24
  • May 24 – July 14
  • May 25 - July 15
  • June 14 - July 14
  • June 14 - July 22
  • June 14 - Aug 4
  • June 15 - Aug 5
  • June 28 - July 29
  • July 15 - Aug 13
  • July 15 - Aug 13

Summer Housing is billed by the week. Students can select multiple weeks to cover the length of their summer class or internship. Each billing week starts on a Sunday and ends on Saturday. Summer assignments will be sent to students' VCU emails on a rolling basis throughout the summer. 


  • 1 weeks: $216
  • 2 weeks: $433
  • 3 weeks: $649
  • 4 weeks: $865
  • 5 weeks: $1,082
  • 6 weeks: $1,298
  • 7 weeks: $1,514
  • 8 weeks: $1,730
  • 9 weeks: $1,947
  • 10 weeks: $2,163
  • 11 weeks: $2,379
  • 12 weeks: $2,596

Canceling Summer Housing

Students may request to cancel their Summer Housing assignment and contract within five (5) business days of the date of their notification letter. After that five-day period, summer assignments and contract cancellations are not allowed and you will be held to your summer housing contract’s Terms and Conditions. To request cancellation, email and include the student’s full name, V number, best contact number, and the residence hall and room number of the summer assignment.

Housing Contract

Please be sure to review your Housing Contract on for details regarding our cancellation policy and other contractual obligations.


If you have any questions, please email, use the chat feature on or call (804) 828-7666.

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